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Freeze Fat + Tone Muscle

We offer the full line of CoolSculpting technologies with the newest equipment.

The original Coolscupting treatment will freeze your fat away,
then the brand new Cooltone by Coolsculpting will tone your muscles.

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when you want to freeze fat

  • Non-Invasive No Downtime Fat Reduction
  • Up to 24% Fat Reduction per Treatment
  • Pairs with CoolTone


  • Non-Invasive No Downtime Muscle Stimulation
  • Faster Results than Going to the Gym
  • Pairs with CoolSculpting

Unbelievable Results

Now, you can freeze away fat from your inner and outer thighs, get rid of that muffin top, or banish unsightly bulges from anywhere on your body. CoolSculpting can treat different areas at the same time, getting you to your goals that much faster.

Schedule an appointment with us today, and you’ll have the body you always wanted in no time!

We’re dedicated to creating the right
treatment plan for you.

“We're a full service dermatology clinic that takes patient's unique considerations into account. We're dedicated to creating the right plan for you. Great care starts with great focus, and we're excited to offer the latest in Coolsculpting technologies, the latest hand pieces, and highly trained staff when delivering care.”

– Dr. Blakely Richardson,

Board-Certified Dermatologist, Physician Owner, Westgate Skin & Cancer



3 treatments over 2 months



3 treatments over 2 months



3 treatments over 2 months



3 treatments over 2 months



3 treatments over 2 months



3 treatments over 2 months

Treatment to Transformation


Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.


CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.


In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and elimates these dead.


CoolSculpting procedure results are long-term, and treated fat cells are gone for good.

Start Your Transformation

Custom Financing Options

Customized financing for customized treatments that fit your beauty needs. We offer easy application and approval access to financing by partnering with CareCredit snd GreenSky.

  • 6 Months No-Interest
  • Accepted by many Dentists and Doctors
  • Credit for you healthcare needs
  • Apply in-office
  • 1 Year No-Interest
  • Larger and forgiving credit lines
  • Credit card that converts to a loan
  • Apply in-office

Customized financing options are available that fit your treatment needs. Request a consultation to create a treatment plan and understand which options fits your needs the best.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Blakely Richardson

Physician Owner

Dr. Richardson, a board-certified dermatologist, leads the Westgate Skin & Cancer team and oversees all medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology decision making for the practice. Dr. Richardson has over a decade of experience in dermatology. Her experience is backed by training at an academic institution, years of practice, and years of clinical research. Dr. Richardson takes a pragmatic approach to medicine and remains focused on her patients.

Vanessa Yawn

Physician Assistant

Vanessa, a dermatology focused Physician Assistant, provides medical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology decision making for the practice with oversight from Dr. Blakely Richardson. Vanessa has years of training, experience, and a strong foundation in dermatology due to her time spent practicing at a major academic institution. She takes a friendly and practical approach to medicine and remains focused on her patients.

Christine Bell

Medical Aesthetician

Christine, a Medical Aesthetician, a Certified Laser Technician, and Master Coolsculpting technician, provides medical grade aesthetic services for the practice. She is a certified Coolsculpting and Cooltone specialist and has completed hundreds of treatments with oversight from Dr. Blakely Richardson. Christine takes an artistic and practical approach to aesthetic treatments. She remains attentive on her patients by focusing on their goals and treatment outcomes.

Why Westgate Skin


Westgate Skin & Cancer takes patient safety seriously. Safety starts with a strong background in science, evidence-based medicine, and clinical procedures. We choose to provide procedures that are approved by the FDA, maintain strong OSHA and HIPAA safety compliance programs, and follow strict procedure guidelines to ensure sterility and consistent outcomes.


Our clinicians, providers, and staff are focused on quality care and a patient experience. Focus and dedication are paramount for outstanding and consistent outcomes. Expertise, professionalism, adherence to safety, and attention to detail set us apart


Our providers, clinicians, and staff have years of experience. This experience includes training, certifications, licensing, and years of active practice. Our organization's combined industry experience is the only way to ensure that our patient's expectations are met and exceeded wherever possible. Our culture is to provide safe, consistent, honest, and professional service while still having fun.


Care is the bedrock of our organization and culture. From check-in to check-out, you’ll be treated with outstanding service and professional care. We understand that patients are unique and many situations are not one-size-fits-all. Our tailored and customized approach to care is why our patients and clients come back to see us.

Videos of Real Patients

See and hear the real-life stories and experiences from patients that have completed CoolSculpting treatments.  With over 6 million CoolScupting procedures performed worldwide, take confidence in the process and results.

CoolSculpting Overview

Concerns Before the Procedure

Noticing Results: Anne

After the Procedure

After the Procedure

Noticing Results: Anne

The Impact: Anne


The Impact: Lesley

CoolSculpting FAQs

The CoolSculpting fat-reduction procedure is specially designed for those who have unwanted fat in targeted areas. Unlike weight-loss surgery (e.g., gastric bypass), the CoolSculpting procedure is not a weight-loss solution for people who are obese. Good candidates for the procedure have noticeable bulges and pinch-able fat in certain areas. The procedure is also appropriate for those that are seeking a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

The price for CoolSculpting procedures varies depending on your areas of concern, the number of treatments needed, and your ultimate goals. Most patients opt to receive treatments in multiple body areas in order to achieve their goals. The cost typically ranges between $1,500-$4,000 for a personalized treatment plan depending on the number of areas treated and the total treatment count.

To identify what is appropriate, be sure to schedule a consultation to create a customized treatment plan.  A treatment plan is tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget. We offer flexible payment plans, such as 6 months no-interest financing, to help patients achieve their goals. Our clinic has partnered with leading financials institutions (CareCredit and Greensky) to extend flexible and fair financing options. Based on your treatment plan, we're ready to extend competitive financing options to meet your goals.

Our expert clinicians will help you create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. The length of your treatment will vary depending on the number of areas being treated during one visit. We offer the latest CoolSculpting technology and can treat a patient in 35-60 minutes per area. Most patients treat multiple areas during a treatment session.

The clinic offers Free Netflix, HBO, and Sports Network access in the room.  Additionally, the clinic provides free Wi-fi that can be used to work. Many patients read, work remotely, or even take a nap during their treatments.

The United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has cleared the CoolSculpting procedure for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental (under chin) area, thigh, abdomen, and flank. Additionally, the treatment can be used to address bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm. To understand how the CoolSculpting procedure can address and treat un-wanted fat, be sure to schedule a consultation with our office. We're ready and able to set your expectations by creating a customized and tailored treatment specific to your goals.

Yes! The CoolSculpting procedure is FDA cleared to treat visible fat bulges under the chin and contour the neck. Freezing away fat from a double chin is straight forward and as simple as treating other parts of the body such as the abdomen, flank, side, or thighs. Most patients see results after their first treatment and dramatic results after their second treatment of the submental area.  For patient seeking to reduce fat in the submental (chin and neck area) with no surgery, needles, or downtime, the CoolMini is the ideal choice. Call to schedule your consultation today to create a customized treatment plan to meet your goals.

The procedure works by freezing fat cells in the treated area. Once the treated fat cells are crystallized and frozen, they die naturally absorbed by your body's lymphatic system. Most patients see results within 30 days, however, it may take up to 90 days for the body to fully absorb and metabolize cells in a treated area.

As the cooling begins during the first few minutes, patients will feel intense cold. This soon dissipates. With some applicators, you’ll feel some pulling as suction is applied. The area generally goes numb within 5 to 10 minutes during treatment. Once numb, patients will have little to no sensation in the area until the treatment is complete. During this time, most patients will read, watch videos, work on their laptop, or even take a nap during the treatment.

After the treatment, you may feel some tingling as the area is massaged for 2 or 3 minutes. Patients are usually able to return to normal activities following their appointment.

Yes, the procedure is absolutely safe. In the United States, the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh, abdomen and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm. With over seven million treatments worldwide, there is a proven track record of safety and desirable outcomes. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to create your customized and tailored treatment plan.

The CoolSculpting procedure is not for everyone. You should not have the procedure if you suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria. The CoolSculpting procedure is not a treatment for obesity. As with any patient in our office, we require the completion of our medical history form in order to create an appropriate care plan. In summary, we run an honest clinic, and we will be the first ones to tell you if the procedure is not appropriate based on medical history or if we believe we will not be able to meet your goals.

During the procedure patients may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb. Following the procedure, typical side effects include temporary redness, swelling, blanching, bruising, firmness, tingling, stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, itching, or skin sensitivity. Patients that treat the submental area may experience fullness in the back of the throat. These effects are temporary and generally resolve within days or weeks. Though rare, some additional side effects may occur.

Yes! The Coolsculpting procedure was designed to have little to no downtime so you may return to normal activities as soon as possible. Since the procedure is non-surgical, there is little to no downtime. Patients often return to work on the same day after a treatment is completed.

All patients are not created equal or the same.  Some patients may respond quickly to the treatment and others may take additional time to see results. Specific to progress post treatment, always schedule a follow-up assessment to review your results and discuss if additional treatments are necessary. We encourage patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle to accurately asses before and after results, and we want you to be happy with your results!

Patients will often see results as soon as 3 weeks post treatment, but may not see their full results until 3 months post treatment. All patients are unique and are not created the same, so we encourage patients to schedule foll0w-up appointments with our clinic to monitor progress.  Most patients will see results within 2 months. It is important to understand that many patients will continue to flush out fat cells up to 6 months after the treatment is complete.  Our clinic schedules regular post treatment visits and we're ready and excited to complete complimentary progress visits to monitor your results after treatment.

Supplements are not needed or required after your treatment. The Coolsculpting procedure is not a diet or exercise program, so you won’t need to change any of your lifestyle habits. Many patients do feel more motivated to take care of themselves after a treatment, and we encourage them to do so. Often times, receiving a CoolSculpting procedure provides patients with the motivation to maximize their results with a healthy lifestyle.

Many patients, after seeing the results from their procedure, feel even more motivated to stay close to their ideal weight. However, if you do gain weight, you may gain it evenly all over your body, not just in the treated areas.

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