Chronic Itchiness Pruritus

///Chronic Itchiness Pruritus
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Ages: 18+
Compensation up to $600
for completed study visits

We’re recruiting adults who have moderate to severe Itchiness Pruritus to participate in a research study. In order to qualify, you must be an adult and have moderate to severe Itchiness Pruritus. If you have been diagnosed for at least 1 year and have symptoms on at least two different body surface areas, please give us a call or sign up online. Qualified participants will receive at no cost study visits, doctor’s care and investigational study medication.  Compensation may be provided for your time and health insurance is not needed. Participants may receive inactive placebo or investigational product that has not been approved for the purpose under study during participation in this trial.

Call 512-271-4278  for more information.

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